Guest Lecturer

What better time than now to revisit how one of the most renowned public figures perceived and practiced what is described as Real Advocacy Journalism®? Walter Lippmann—one of the foremost political journalist, political columnist, and influencer of publics in the last 100 years–provides a blueprint for the theoretical principles and practical application of Real Advocacy Journalism®, which is so needed today in shaping public opinion in efforts to advance effective public policy. It is from the study of key works of Walter Lippmann in the areas of politics, the role of the public in government, and the role of public opinion in shaping public policy that the need, the theory, and the appropriate practice of a genre of discourse, Real Advocacy Journalism®, have been distilled.

We are available to develop and/or present a lecture series on elements of his works that are needed and applicable in today’s political environment and public discourse.