Speaker Engagement

The political columnist/commentator, as a practitioner of Real Advocacy Journalism®, strives to help clarify, to evaluate, and draw conclusions for his/her readers/listeners who have been too preoccupied, too removed from actual events to judge clearly for themselves. The political columnist/commentator shares the results of his/her either having witnessed things first-hand, or his/her having been privy to first-hand information, experts, and key people directly involved in the issue under discussion. Through the eyes and experiences of the political columnist/commentator, the reader/listener is able to become knowledgeable, to experience, to visualize, to understand, to arrive at an opinion about what is going on in his/her community, in his/her country, in the world.

If there is a need to have an issue addressed, speakers are available in person or online to provide assistance.

Talking About From Liberty to Magnolia April 10, 2021 by Janice Ellis