Complex local, regional, national, and global issues are often covered and treated with a biased and simplistic categorization. This happens all too frequently when the public is asked to form an opinion or to support an action. Historically, and currently, this occurs in issue areas such as: should we go to war or support a war; what is the appropriate health care policy for the majority of citizens; how can gun violence be curbed; what are the distinctions between terrorism carried out by a foreign enemy, naturalized citizen or a naturally-born citizen; is climate change a real threat to civilization or a man-made hoax; and, on and on….A constant barrage of simplistic, distorted, biased, untruthful, non-factual treatments can only be a disservice to a dependent, hopeful, ill-informed, trusting public.

Webinars will be available to address how to effectively address issues and public mobilization.

Chanticleer Author Conference 2020 April 10, 2021 by Janice Ellis